Luxury Candles With Scents Made to Impress. Coco Louis is Your New Favourite Candle Shop

Although it is usually possible for everyone to use a little luxury, the often prohibitive price tags aren't the most practical (or appealing). You know what is the best way for you to invest in something luxurious, yet without blowing up your budget or your salary? Luxury Candles. The best luxury candles come in with the best scents and fragrances, and they have notes of fragrances that easily transports you to a different world.

So here's an idea. On the weekend, stay in your pajamas, pour a glass of your favourite drink, and relax your mind with the best scented candles from Coco Louis collection of candles, we have listed down especially for you.
The gift of fragrance is one of the most essential gifts for your loved ones. It is also considered to be one of the most emotional gifts you can gift to anyone. Our scented candles are the perfect gift on birthdays, anniversaries, or even graduation, as they can be placed anywhere and give you a sense of relief and relaxation. Giving someone these fragrances shows how much thought you have put in for what the receiver of these scented candles may like. Because your loved one will see the candles everyday in their home, our candles are always considered as the source of attraction. Choose from a few of our best selling candles listed below, to make your loved one's special day to be remembered.

This beautiful scented candle costs about $150 AUD based on a perfume that was launched in 1921. The most recognizable notes in this candle are Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Lemons, Bergamot. This candle is created to give a peaceful type of luxury, and has a few middle notes as well such as iris, Jasmine, Roses, lilies,
and base roots which include Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Vetiver.

This luxurious candle from our collection also costs $150 AUD for the Champagne glass edition and $95 for the 200 gram signature black glass edition candle. Fill your hands with these candles and say "OH MY GOD THIS SMELLS AMAZING".  We use finely selected ingredients and hand blended fragrance oils, and hand pour the molten wax into the jars, so that they not only look appealing, but also smell incredible. Impress your friends with this heavenly candle.

This is one of our best selling scented candles and is filled into our beautifully crafted champagne coloured jars or the luxe black edition jars. This candle is filled with cherry blossoms and camellia flower scents. It invites you on a fragrance adventure, to your favourite destination. A place you have always been dreaming of. You can also experience the beauty of Japan, just by sitting wherever you happen to be, whether at home or at the office, through this delicate and refreshing fragrance of the delightful cherry blossoms, you will be taken to the streets and alleys of Japan. The candle will provide relaxation through the notes of sheer musks and beautiful dewy green scents.

Conclusion: If you want to create a beautiful ambiance at your place, give the gift of luxury or to beautify your spaces, you can use these scented candles. 

Each candle is handcrafted to perfection and dealt with as a special creation, we don't believe candles are just another commodity, to us they are a special treat, a luxury well deserved by you