Coco Louis AU is an ASIC -Australian Securities & Investments Commission Government registered business.

Our Brand Promise

"To delight, uplift and inspire"

Brand Vision

"To save the animals of the world, while creating most delightful products sought after globally"

Core Brand Values

"Love, care, respect, positivity, service to others, education, courage, dedication to quality and creativity

Brand Mission

"We believe in reducing pain and suffering in this world for all, and thus we are on a mission to help save as many animals as we can. We aim to do this through creating beautiful sought after products and through dedication of our loyal customers"


Founded by Esther Val-Amour, Coco Louis is a Melbourne, Vic based family run brand. "We are lovers of all things fragrance, dogs and animals in general. Our logo represents our two most beloved furry family members who are mini schnauzers - little Coco and Louis, who were our first babies.

The Coco Louis dog logo should also be used to symbolise the love a pet owner will have towards their own dogs as well as animals. As such, we want to create a community of dog lovers who also love fragrances through our Brand and who have the ability through our brand to help other animals in need.

Our love for animals 

We take part in once monthly donations to the Soi Dog Foundation (soidog.org) - a Foundation that helps injured, abused and abandoned animals across Asia to receive quality healthcare and also to find good homes so that they can have a better chance at life. Your orders through our website make a huge contribution to this - as we donate $2 per every order received through our website towards Soi Dog. We hope to be able to do much bigger things soon in partnering with this foundation and helping animals in need. "When I (Esther), first found out about this foundation a few years ago through a sponsored ad, I was horrified at the cruelties that were happening to these beautiful animals - cats and dogs and even others, the absolute mistreatment by humans. It sparked my passion to be able to help them as much as I could. We are so blessed to have many animal helping foundations that are out there doing amazing job to help put the animals back to safety and health, and donating is the least we can do". 

Products we love developing, environmental sustainability 

We are here to teach that while we create beautiful scented products -  those things don't have to be at the cost of sustainability and mother nature's resources, hence the materials we use such as soy wax for all of our candles are renewable, biodegradable, and last much longer than other waxes, all the while burning cleanly and producing less soot which comes out into the environment. We also use glass for packaging 99% of our products including Salt Baths, Candles, Hand/ Body Wash and Body Creams.

Our promise to you is that we create every one of our products with love for the process of creating it and with careful consideration, so that each product is hand made and carefully thought out. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us !




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