Do you do wholesale ?

We do wholesale and bulk candle production, please inquire on : info@cocolouis.com.au    regarding wholesale opportunities
We use approximately 8-12% of fragrance to wax- which is maximum loading. It is recommended that if your candle is freshly made to wait at least 2 weeks to obtain the maximum scent throw due to curing of the candle - which means to let it sit and let the wax bond with the fragrance ! (Whoever said that candle making wasn't a scient, hmmm :)
We can create and customise beautiful wedding favours for your day
Please submit your inquiry and we will do our best to come up with a beautiful design that we can present to you. We want you to be absolutely happy with the final product.
Some are ready made, while others are made to order please inquire with us on the contact form, we can create a custom decorated candle for you - and take into account your prefered fragrance, colour of crystals, flowers, glassware etc
The answer to this depends on if we have the materials ready in stock such as the glassware, fragrances, wax, etc, if it's in stock at our current workshop - the candle can be made on the same day, if the materials need to be ordered in such as specific fragrances, it could take potentially a week before the candle is made or longer in the covid time. Again if there is a time constraint please inquire with us on email, we are happy to help
Just as a peace of mind all materials are AU based and not internationally, hence there is still much faster processing times

Am I able to return my candle if I don't like it? 

We have a 30 day no hassle money back/ exchange for another good guarantee, so if you are not happy with your candle, you can return this within the 30 days after purchase provided that you haven't burnt through half of the candle already. 
Our candles are made to have a really good scent throw, however it does happen that some fragrances are thinner than others and don't throw as much, it could also be that some people prefer a lot stronger scents than others as they are less sensitive to the fragrances.

Wood Wicks

Wood wicks can be temperamental, please take your time to read this to understand more about them,
It can take a few go's before a wood wick is lit properly, this is a normal occurrence
Are favoured for their 'crackling' sound and the ambience they create, they are not normally as bright burning as cotton wicks and can burn in a small and not a very bright flame.
They help the candle to burn more evenly than any other wicks
Wicks that are too thin might not work properly, a good quality wick will have the right size for the jar as well as have the right thickness. We source our wicks only from quality local suppliers for that reason, to make sure they burn the best. 
Many people have beautiful glassware that shouldn't be wasted and be put to great use by letting us re-fill your container with new beautifully scented soy candles
Simply get in touch and depending on the number of containers you have that needs to be refiled, we might be able to send them refilled back with $0 shipping fee back to you. 


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