Melts safety and burner


Do NOT melt on stove top or non approved appliances. Use only in well ventilated areas away from flammable materials. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions become apparent such as dizziness, headaches etc. Discontinue use when the dish has less than 1cm of wax left in it. 

MELTS SAFETY WARNING : To prevent fire or injury remove packaging before use. Use melts only in tea-light warmers or listed electric warmers approved for melts. Read and follow all instructions provided before using your warmer. Do not leave melter unattended during use. Keep melts and warmer out of reach of children and pets. Be careful of hot wax in the dish. Never move whilst it is melted and in liquid state as it is HOT ! Melter can also itself become very hot, especially those with tea-lights as a heat source. 


  1. Place the dish on top of the warmer
  2. For best results, place at least 2 melts in the warmer dish
  3. Be sure the switch is in the OFF position. Insert the power cord plug into an outlet. Switch the warmer on. 
  4. Fragrance is released as wax begins to melt
  5. Some warmers include lids. For less fragrance, operate with the lid in place

Always unplug the power cord before cleaning the warmer. You can remove the melts from the dish when all the fragrance has dissipated. To remove the wax, let the dish cool to room temperature, then place the dish in the freezer for about half hour. Remove the dish from the freezer and allow the wax to drop out. Another way to remove wax is fill the dish with hot water melting away all stubborn wax. Let cool to room temperature and remove the bits of floating wax. Don’t let the wax go down the drain as it may block up the drains. Gently wipe away all the wax residue with a dry paper towel. Do not pry out the wax with fingers or tools as you can end up hurting yourself. 

Let the dish warm to room temperature before re-heating. Wipe warmer clean with a soft, dry cloth. 


DO NOT place the warmer where it can easily fall into water such as near a sink, or a bathtub. Immediately unplug the warmer if it comes into contact with water. 

Use the warmer only for it’s intended purpose - scented wax melts which you can purchase with us. 

The warmer may become very HOT! Always allow the warmer to cool before handling to avoid burns and injury. 

When in operation, keep away from things that can catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Do not touch or move the liquid wax until it has cooled and solidified. Do not place water in the Warmer Dish. This product is for indoor use only. Discontinue use of warmer if any glass component becomes chipped or scratched. This product is not a toy. Refer to above instructions or instructions in the warmer box for safe removal of wax from the warmer dish.