We're Unique

Hi ! Welcome , and thank you for visiting ! 

In this crazy world of highly competitive fragrance businesses it can be hard to make a choice with who to shop, we totally understand that! 

There are so many questions, like will I like the fragrance ? I've never heard of this brand before, how can I make sure that the product is a quality product and one that I enjoy. And what if I don't ? Will it be a waste of money ? 

I mean even the likes of huge companies have recently had some not so nice feedback from customers in regards to changing their wax formula and as a result losing their customers as the new formula for candles has resulted in a real poor scent throw. 

We'd like to assure you we differentiate ourselves on a number of aspects

Our products are made by professionals

A lot of candles these days are made by people who are staying home, and although there is nothing wrong with that, a lot of the candles on the market are made by people who have no experience in making candles, and just take it up as a hobby. The problem with that can be that you don't get the best use out of your product. Your candle might not burn well, it can tunnel , this will result in a waste of wax and just a waste of money over all. When you buy candles from us, you can rest assured that we've got years of experience in candle making and test all of our candles, and that you will get the best product on the market. 

Our candles and scent throw 

Firstly we work long and hard to create candles that are really scent throwing and that you can enjoy , we use only the highest quality fragrances for optimal experience and we don't curb any costs anywhere in creating our products because a luxury product and quality product is something that can't be saved $$$ on. You know how they say, you get what you pay for ? 

What about your other fragrance products ? 

Yes, we use all the high quality ingredients for diffusers, room sprays and anything else we create, so rest assured you ARE given the very best !

Packaging | Look and Feel of the product

We use high quality glass vessels, gold foiled packaging boxes, and gold foiled labels on candles/ diffusers. This gives your product a luxury feel and we certainly don't skimp on any labelling/ packaging or any other costs. The look and feel we are going for are 'hotel style luxury'. Like have you ever been to a luxury reception at the hotel, with it's golds and blacks and crystals but that also extends to the comfort of the rooms and luxurious feel of the surrounds. We love that look and hope you do too ! 

What if I don't like the smell of my product ? 

Simply return your product within 30 days and we will absolutely refund you're money no questions asked ! 

Natural Soy

We use natural soy wax, which is a bio renewable energy source for your candles and lead free wicks, and most of our candles also contain essential oils which are really good for your health

We support charity 

We support Soi Dog Foundaiton, we are super passionate about supporting and helping dogs and animals in general. By buying from us, you become part of this extremely meaningful cause which helps animals get life saving surgery, to become rehomed in safe homes, and to have a much better life overall. 

We are super creative

You can be assured that we will always change things up to keep things exciting. Our brand is all about creativity and having fun with fragrances and the look of our products. We won't change the luxury feel of it, but we will do our best to keep improving all aspects of our business. Join us on our creative journey towards making products you love and enjoy having in your home !  

Customer service 

Last but not least, we will absolutely go out of our way to make you happy ! Customer service is Sooooooo so important to us , we can't stress that enough. Our customers are like our friends. We don't want you to worry about anything, we just want you to enjoy our product. If you have any concerns what so ever feel free to reach out on : info@cocolouis.com.au

Dedicated to growth 

We are dedicated to growing this brand, join us on our mission to success and helping us in reaching our mission. See more on 'Our Story'