Tropical Gardenia Luxury Room Spray
Tropical Gardenia Luxury Room Spray
Gardenia Room Spray - Coco Louis AU
Gardenia Room Spray - Coco Louis AU
Gardenia Room Spray - Coco Louis AU
Gardenia Room Spray - Coco Louis AU
Gardenia Room Spray - Coco Louis AU

Tropical Gardenia Luxury Room Spray

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The exquisite aroma of tropical Gardenia with a top note so sweet and green, and a floral body so intense and rich, this room spray truly captures the natural aroma found in this beautiful flower

Gardenia | Peach Nectar | Star Jasmine | Vanilla | Cyclamen | Lily of the Valley

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The safest fragrances on the market🐾 Enjoy scenting your home guilt free, our fragrances smell divine and don't cause any harm to your pets

Our black luxe candles come in our luxury black signature box and gold foiled lettering 

Our guarantee is that you will fall in love with the product you decide to bring home and that they will fill your home with exquisite scent

A gift that keeps on giving

Coco Louis fragrance bundles are available here 

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These tips are there to make sure you get the best use out of your products as well as stay safe while using them

  1. For every burn of the candle, we recommend to burn it between 1- 4 hours, however long it may take to ensure the wax is fully melted on the top later of the candle, right to the edge of the jar. This will help to avoid the candle from tunneling and having a much shorter life. Smaller candles and those with larger wicks might take less time get a wax pool. Avoid burning the candle for longer than 4 hours. It should reach a melt pool before the 4 hours are up. 
  2. Always trim your wicks to 0.5cm (half a cm long) to ensure there is no black smoke coming off, but also to prolong the life of the candle, and to prevent the container from getting too hot. Large flames can become a fire hazard. For every burn, please make sure that the wick is back to 0.5 cm length
  3. Clear any debri from the melt pool, including crystals and florals. Make sure they are away from the flame if there is any included in your candle. The cystals are not so much a fire hazard. We make sure to use crystals that are safe for candles
  4. If the candle has multiple wicks please make sure to light them all at the same time, this will help the candle get an even burn. Don't leave a wick unlit if the others are all lit.




Our room sprays are quite concentrated so be sure to only use a couple of sprays, test and see if you need one or two more sprays for the area that you are in. 

It can be sprayed onto fabrics, however please note that the fragrance will settle onto the fabric and will scent the fabric for a few days. 

ROOM SPRAY SAFETY WARNING: While spraying please be sure to keep away from flames and electronics as well as any painted and finished surfaces. As always please keep all fragrance products out of reach of children and pets. DO NOT SWALLOW. Wipe all spills immediately with a damp cloth. Keep away from heat. 


Place all reeds into the diffuser bottle. After a few hours, turn the reeds over. Continue turning the reeds every few hours - turning at least 3-5 times in 24-48 hours, this helps the reeds to absorb the fragrance and to start letting it carry to your environment. You can continue turning the reeds over on occasion, over the next few days, and then after a week, or whenever you want to get the scent going again. 

Initially, some people might experience a strong alcohol smell. Don’t be alarmed, we do use some alcohol in our formula as alcohol helps the scent throw and helps the reeds to absorb the fragrance, so that you can start enjoying it sooner. The alcohol smell won’t last a very long time. The remaining fragrance oil will last at least 3 months. We recommend sweet fragrances such as fruity notes, and sweet floral notes (example -  honeysuckle) for better scent throw. 

Note: individual people might find some fragrance notes stronger, than others. If you would like to know what fragrances suits you best contact us for a free discussion at

Your diffuser will last a minimum of half a year to a year, however it's important to turn the reeds when you want to replenish the scent

DIFFUSER SAFETY WARNING : Keep out of reach of children and animals. DO NOT SWALLOW. Keep away from heat and flames, sparks, electronic. Wipe all spills immediately. The bottom of your diffuser bottle will have a safety warning sticker. We recommend to read and adhere to all instructions contained therein.

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If you have mistakenly purchased the wrong product you can cancel your order at any time before your order is packed for dispatch. However, once we have packed your order for dispatch, it cannot be cancelled. To request a cancellation, please contact us at
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Standard shipping times apply - please allow some delay due to the current global pandemic situation - we do our best to get orders out on time - usually within 1-2 business days after order processing, the rest is up to the couriers. Please use the tracking provided to you to keep updated in regards to your shipped orders. 

Pre-orders lead time does not include shipping time -  'made to order candles which are literally all of our candles !' can take 3-5 days before being shipped, as we need to create and cure them.

Damaged items during transportation

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Please note that not all of their Post Offices are able to complete damage reports. Please ask at your local outlet or look for Post Offices listed as Post Shops or Business Hubs in our locations and hours tool. Our retail staff will submit a Customer Service Complaint on your behalf (you’ll need to leave the item and all packaging with our staff for processing). Provide supporting documentation as requested. This may include proof of identity, a statutory declaration, receipts for postage or the item itself, and other item details. 

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Please send us a photo of the damaged item and in the same photo include the packaging of the box that your damaged item came in, and the 'fragile' stickers and bubblewrap to prove your item was sufficiently packaged.

At times, you may pay for Aus post, however we will use Sendle due to a higher convenience and at no extra cost to you. This will be done at our discretion depending on what is most suitable, and time saving method of couriering your item to you. 

Sendle uses CouriersPlease and Fastway Couriers, if you have any concerns please let us know.

Missing your delivery
If you miss your scheduled delivery, the courier will leave a notification card and re-attempt the following working day. The courier will attempt delivery of the order on 2 consecutive working days, unless they are instructed by the nominated recipient or a member of our Customer Service Team to hold for a future delivery date. Should the courier be unable to complete delivery after the 2 attempts have been made, your order will be returned to us If this happens, we reserve the right to charge you again for any return and re-send costs that we incur. Please note that requests to change delivery address will need to be made via the Customer Service Team email : 


* Please note separate exchange policy exists for wholesale clients - please get in touch to learn more

We really want you to enjoy your product, and we highly value your feedback. If there is an issue with your product please get in touch with us through our contact email address: or the contact form on this website.

If you are not happy with your candle/ room spray or other product's fragrance or smell, you may return your candle to us within 30 days of purchasing the product and we will either provide you with a full refund or a replacement product in a different scent. 

Please note that once the 30 day period has expired, we will not accept returns.

To avoid returns and issues with products please use the product use guidelines located on the packaging or in the "Product use tips" tab

* We will review every case individually and reserve the right to any outcome in regards to refunds and replacements.

We cannot provide a refund or exchange for any products that have signs of being meddled with in any way. 


HOME & LIVING FURNITURE RANGE - if the item is defected or damaged in transit, please let us know as soon as you can, all items after 7 days upon receipt will no longer be covered under exchange/ refund/ returns due to our supplier terms and conditions if you haven't notified us of any damage or defects within 7 days upon receipt.

We will assist in the damaged goods inquiry wherever possible, however AUS post policy states the following:  Present the damaged item and the packaging at a Post Office for a damage report to be completed (only the person to whom the item is addressed can present the item). Please note that not all of our Post Offices are able to complete damage reports. Please ask at your local outlet or look for Post Offices listed as Post Shops or Business Hubs in our locations and hours tool. Our retail staff will submit a Customer Service Complaint on your behalf (you’ll need to leave the item and all packaging with our staff for processing). Provide supporting documentation as requested. This may include proof of identity, a statutory declaration, receipts for postage or the item itself, and other item details.

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Coco Louis Hair and Body

All products should be spot tested for individual reactions and sensitivities prior to full time use. Each individual will react differently to different products. If you find yourself allergic or sensitive to our products which contain fragrances, essential oils and other ingredients, we suggest to consult your doctor and discontinue use. In case of an adverse reaction please visit your nearest emergency department or call 000. We cannot assume responsibility to individual reactions, we do however, provide guidelines for general safety of product use, and produce all of our products in line with all safety guidelines for general use as intended by the general public. Currently we do not offer refunds for body/ hair products, however if there is a genuine reason you may be entitled to receiving an exchange, provided the original product was returned, we can provide an exchange free of charge to you and with free postage back to you. 

These terms may be subject to change in the future, however as of now terms are as listed.

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