Pillar Candles 660g
Pillar Candles 660g
Pillar Candles 660g

Pillar Candles 660g

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Welcome - the newest product to the Coco Louis family - the pillar candle ! 

660 g of soy wax has never looked so good - and they last for ever ! We've done our testing and can certify less than 1 cm per 4 hours of burn time ! 

They can come scented or unscented, as per your choice, 

We can also custom design your pillar with the colour choice of flowers if you like, simply drop us a message on cocolouissales@gmail.com

We use : 

  • 100% Natural Soy Wax - kosher, vegan, cruelty free
  • Quality fragrance oils - that will make your home smell amazing !
  • Soy is a biodegradable and renewable resource , as well as clean burning so you can use the candles guilt free !

What it means to buy from us : 

At Coco Louis we believe that giving back is the foundation of a fulfilling life, hence, since our launch we have donated hundreds of dollars towards the SOI DOG Foundation - a foundation whose main work is in rescue, vaccination, medical treatment, sheltering, and adoption of animals across Asia. For every order made through our website we donate $2 towards this foundation. By supporting us, you are supporting this cause also. We proudly display the Partner banner provided to us by Soi Dog Foundation to use on our website and other social media platforms

We have chosen this foundation because we believe animals all over the world deserve a great chance at life. Whether here in Australia or overseas where it is a tougher environment for their survival. 

Candles customers

"It looks and smells DIVINE. V impressed with all the packaging and how quickly it arrived" - Danielle S

"They are amazing and I love them, I'll surely recommend you to friends and family. Let me know when you have the new stock and I'll come buy. I also love the presentation and packaging" - Jasuja M

"Thank you so much I loved the candles and the wax melts gift, I wasn't expecting that with my order but truly loved it. Look forward to buy more candles/ diffusers from you" - Gitu B

"I have burnt the candle three times now and have it burning as we speak with the scent remaining consistent each time and natural. The wax is also very good. This is the first time I have burnt the wood wicks, I feel they are superior to the other wicks as they give a more consistent even burn. I also feel they are much cleaner as they don't let off much smoke. Also they resemble a natural flame which creates atomosphere and a feeling of warmth. Bravo well done and thank you for creating candles of quality" - Anne Maree

Melts customers

"Your melts are fantastic , so beautifully presented I am so happy with my purchase I will be buying more from you in the future. I don't have instagram but I have been telling people about your melts, you are doing a fantastic job and I wish you all the best with your business" - Kylie S

I'll definitely be getting more from you, I'm literally in love with the smells in my house right now - Adrianna R

"The melts smell amazing and when I left and came home after two hours you could still smell them" - Mel G

"Hiya, I love the melts, almost used them all already, I am happy to keep buying them" Katy

Hand Sanitiser Customers

"I cannot thank you enough for making the scent recommendation to me, it smells DIVINE, and even when I don't need to spray my hands I do it anywayjust so they smell good. The watermelon one is exactly how I expected it. It was so sweet and fresh and my partner loved it too, and it's the one he uses. The coconut and lime we were hesitant to use, but I used it today and it is actually so much better than I expected! and I'm lowkey enjoying it ! It is also so much larger than I expected your photos made it look so small but it's HUGE ! as soon as you spray it there's a huge alcohol scent which reminds me of a bad night out but as soon as you rub it into your hands all you can smell is those delicious fragrances :) " - Renee E

To VIEW MORE FEEDBACK SIMPLY VISIT OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE - and View the HIGHLIGHTS SECTION CALLED ' CUSTOMERS' where you can find more screenshots of our customers feedbacks.


Pillar Candles 660g